Hydroelectric Power

Hydropower is currently the leading source of renewable energy providing more than 97% of all electricity generated by renewable sources. Hydropower represents 20% of total electricity production worldwide and is the major source of power in 55 countries. Modern hydro turbines can convert more than 95% of moving water into electricity while the best fossil fuel plants are only about 60% efficient.


The growth potential for Hydropower comes from three sources: (1) new hydro at existing non-powered dams; (2) new small and low-power conventional hydropower; and (3) capacity gains and efficiency improvements at existing hydropower facilities. Remke Energy is committed to helping developers, installers and the utilities harness the power of the water and deliver it to the electrical grid. The brands of Remke Energy bring you 80 years of electrical product experience serving the industrial OEM/MRO and contractor markets.

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