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Custom Cable Assemblies

Quick ship single
or double-ended


Helio-Link Custom Cable Assemblies are available in single or double-ended configurations with any required length of cable. The Custom Cable Assemblies Ordering Matrix is easy to use. Just select either a male or female housing, the cable diameter-gauge-type & length needed and either a single or double ended configuration. Then call Remke Energy or submit a RFQ.
Ordering Matrix Catalog Number
H ___ H ___ ___ ___ ___ H ___ H
  Gender Cable   Dia/Range Cable AWG. Cable Type Cable Length/Feet   Gender  
  Use "F" if
Female Housing
  Use "4" if
.157 - .197
Use "U" if
USE-2 Stranded
Fill in
Cable Length
  Use "F" if
Female Housing
  Use "M" if
Male Housing
  Use "5" if
.197 - .275
"10" Use "US" if
USE-2 Solid
  Use "M" if
Male Housing
      Use "6" if
.275 - .315
"12" Use "PV" if
    Use "X" if
No Connector
        "14" Use "O" if Other (specify in remarks section)        
Note: Custom labeling/packaging and kitting is available upon request. Consult factory.

Line Drawings
Extension Cable Connection Cable Connection Cable
Female to Male Female/Single Connector Male/Single Connector
product product product


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